Study of global value chains, division of labour, and climate change adaptation. Research on causes and consequences of internal and external migration, considering individual heterogeneity and environmental issues. Characterization of technological externalities from highly skilled immigration.

Perinatal Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Clinical Research

Study of the interrelation between environmental, lifestyle and psychosocial factors with health that facilitate the design of healthy and sustainable cities. We apply environmental exposure assessment and epidemiological methods to study the effects of risk factors on health across the life cycle.

Experimental and Computational Economics

Linked to the experimental economics lab (LEE), we have expertise on the analysis of economic behavior by real and simulated agents focusing on the interplay among emotions, personality, cognition and decision making strategies in different environments.

Discover our facilities and equipment

One of the key values that our alliance can bring is the availability of the facilities provided by Universitat Jaume I, such as experimental laboratories and supercomputers for data analysis.

Main research lines

Climate Change

Adapting to climate change in a globalized world: its impact on innovation, technological upgrading, and global value chains

Migration relationship

External and internal migration and their relationship with individual heterogeneity and territorial development

Behavioural analysis

Analysis of the economics behavior of both human and AI agents

Decisions analysis

Relation of emotions and personality with the decisions made in different environments

Health effects

Effects of environmental risks, lifestyle factors and socioeconomic inequalities on physical and mental health

Risk characterisation

Physico-chemical composition and sources of air pollution associated with toxicity, and characterisation of environmental and microbiological risks relevant for health


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